What They Are and What is Fact or Fiction About Them

Aftermarket parts are often thought of as goods not for use as original equipment in the production of cars, light-duty vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles, examples products and services used in the repair and maintenance of these vehicles. The aftermarket of car parts in reality could come from dealers dealing in factory manufactured parts or dealers licensed to sell products they have manufactured for vehicles.

Automotive replacement parts that were not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Quite often they are manufactured by the original manufacturer.

New parts that replace damaged parts. May be purchased as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part or as a generic part. Not the same quality but cheaper. Considered “copycat” companies. Once again not necessarily true because in many cases they are not cheaper but made for performance enhancement that do not come originally factory installed with the vehicle.

Car parts and auto accessories that are not part of the original factory-installed parts. This is fact but doesn’t mean you cannot factory order these parts on the vehicle to begin with. There is a never say never at the dealerships and if you’re willing to wait for the delivery of the vehicles almost anything is possible.

These are parts that are produced by independent auto shops or suppliers. The dealer or the original manufacturer does not make them. They’re also a great way to save money and still get quality parts. True and false because in many cases if you attend Sema, which is the largest Auto Aftermarket parts show in the world you will see for yourself the manufactures are all over the floor showing you what they can either put on their cars for you or that you can purchase and put on yourself.

Anything you can purchase to upgrade or enhance your vehicle. Actually the simplest definition. Often the simplest explanation is always the best.

As is in all cases of definitions there are many that I probably have left out. These are all my choices though having been gathered and opinionated over a lifetime of working on autos truck and motorhomes. Please feel free to add you own. Knowledge is always best when added to.